Aurora Alice Springs, Resort in the Middle of the Australian

Aurora Alice Springs
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Australia is known for its extraordinary natural beauty, from beaches to tropical rainforests. However, there is a unique and exclusive place that offers a different experience, namely Aurora Alice Springs. The resort is located in the heart of the Simpson Desert, one of Australia’s largest deserts, and offers luxury accommodation that combines modern luxury with the desert’s stunning natural beauty. Visit this page : Paradise at Fitzroy Island Resort .

Aurora Alice Springs is a great place for those seeking tranquility and extraordinary natural beauty. In this article, we’ll explore this exclusive resort and all it has to offer guests looking for an unforgettable experience in the middle of the Australian desert.

The Beauty of the Simpson Desert and Surroundings

The Simpson Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world and covers much of central Australia. The desert is known for its spectacular red sands, beautiful sand dunes, and unparalleled desert views. In the middle of this desert, This Resort stands as a place that directly overlooks this extraordinary natural beauty.

Guests of Aurora Alice Springs can enjoy stunning sunset views, stroll along the red sands, or explore the natural beauty of the desert on adventure tours provided by the resort. The Simpson Desert is also home to many rare species of flora and fauna, so guests have the opportunity to see unique wildlife here.

Luxury Accommodation in Aurora Alice Springs

Aurora Alice Springs offers luxury accommodation suitable for all types of guests. This resort has various types of accommodation to choose from, ranging from luxury rooms to exclusive private villas.

One of the main advantages of staying at This Resort is the extra facilities offered by this resort. SELEBTRENDS Guests can relax in the beautiful outdoor swimming pool, enjoy delicious food and drinks in the restaurant and bar, or pamper themselves in the luxurious spa which offers a variety of relaxing treatments.

In addition, the resort also provides facilities for meetings and special events, making it suitable for weddings, conferences or private celebrations. The friendly and professional staff at Aurora Alice Springs is ready to help you plan and execute your special event in the middle of this beautiful desert.

Unique Activities and Experiences

In addition to enjoying the natural beauty of the desert, guests of Aurora Alice Springs can also take part in a variety of unique activities and experiences. Some of these include:

Off-Road Tour: Guests can explore the Simpson desert on an exciting off-road tour. It’s the perfect way to see incredible desert views and experience the thrill of driving across vast red sands.
Sand Biking: Taking a bike and exploring the sand bike paths around the resort is an exhilarating experience. You can walk around the dunes and get a different view of the beauty of the desert.
Stargazing: Due to its location away from city lights, Aurora Alice Springs is the perfect place for stargazing. Guests can take a stargazing tour guided by an astronomer and view the spectacular night sky.
Local Cuisine: The restaurant at Aurora Alice Springs serves delicious dishes that include local Australian flavours. You can taste typical foods such as kangaroo, emu and various fresh seafood.
Picnic and Romantic Dinner: This resort also provides a romantic picnic and dinner experience amidst the beautiful desert. This is the perfect way to celebrate special moments or create memories with your partner.


Aurora Alice Springs is an exclusive resort offering an unforgettable experience amidst the stunning natural beauty of the Simpson Desert.