Tegallalang Terrace Retreat: Pampering Views of Rice Fields

Tegallalang Terrace Retreat
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Tegallalang Terrace Retreat is a destination that offers an extraordinary experience with stunning views of Bali’s rice fields. Located in Tegallalang village, about 10 kilometers north of Ubud City, this place features towering and green rice terraces that are the work of Balinese farmers for centuries. This stunning natural scenery offers visitors unforgettable beauty.
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Cultural and Historical Charm

Apart from its natural beauty, Tegallalang Terrace Retreat is also a place rich in Balinese culture and history. These rice terraces are a cultural heritage and traditional Balinese agricultural system that has existed for centuries. Visitors can see local farmers working in the rice fields, using traditional and natural methods to cultivate the land and plant rice. This provides a unique experience to understand and appreciate the lives of Balinese farmers and the cultural heritage they preserve.

Interesting activities at Tegallalang Terrace Retreat

Tegallalang Terrace offers a variety of interesting activities for visitors who want to explore the natural beauty and culture of Bali. One popular activity is trekking across rice terraces, where visitors can experience the beauty of nature firsthand and enjoy spectacular views. Visitors can also interact with local farmers, learn about traditional farming techniques, or even participate in the rice planting process.

The Beauty of Tegal Lalang at Various Times

Tegallalang Terrace offers different beauty at various times of the day. During the day, the bright sunlight highlights the vibrant green color of the rice fields, creating an enchanting view. In the evening, the evening sun gives a magical touch to the view, creating a romantic and magical atmosphere. Finally, at night, visitors can see the rice fields illuminated by small lights, creating a calm and serene atmosphere.

Tegallalang Terrace Retreat is a paradise that pampers the eyes with stunning views of Bali’s rice fields. This destination presents stunning natural beauty, rich culture and history, as well as various interesting activities that fascinate visitors.

With towering and green rice terraces, Tegallalang Terrace Retreat offers stunning and unforgettable views. Every step here brings visitors closer to the natural wonders and cultural heritage of Bali that has existed for centuries.


By visiting Tegallalang Terrace, visitors will be enchanted by the stunning beauty of Bali’s rice fields and experience the peace that can only be found here. Each visit will leave an unforgettable impression and bring home beautiful memories of the natural wonders and rich culture of Bali.

So, don’t miss the opportunity to visit Tegallalang Terrace Retreat and pamper your eyes with stunning views of Bali’s rice fields. Enjoy special moments, feel deep peace, and witness the irreplaceable beauty of nature. Tegallalang Terrace Retreat will be a stunning and inspiring experience on your trip to Bali.